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30 October 2008 @ 09:31 pm
Round 1 Prompt Submissions - CLOSED  
Thanks, everyone, for your participation! I saw some great prompts that, I'm sure, will inspire some great drabbles. The prompt submissions for this round are now CLOSED, so momentarily I will be posting the prompts in each of the two categories.

Now for those of you wondering what the process is for submitting a drabble in a drabble-a-thon, here are some basic guidelines:

Rules/Guidelines for SUBMITTING A DRABBLE:

1. Your drabble must fit into one comment. That means it must be no more than 4300 characters. There is no minimum number of words you can have. If you're inspired to write more than 4300 words with a certain prompt, great! Just post what you think is the most relevant part to the prompt here and link us to the rest of the story elsewhere.

2. You need to use a subject line for your submissions that should look like this:
Title, Pairing, Prompt, Rating. For example: 'Love In An Elevator, Jack/Liz, elevator, R'.

3. Each drabble should be a new reply to the main post with the prompts. Please don't reply to one drabble with another as it makes things confusing for the readers and the writers. If you do happen to do this, it's not the end of the world. But then please make sure you take the steps to correct it. Once you've re-posted your drabble the correct way, I'll delete the incorrect one (as sometimes we all just write on the fly, in the comment box -- it'd be a shame to lose all that hard work!)

4. Anyone can pick any prompt to write, and multiple prompts can be chosen -- it's basically whatever you're inspired to write. That means that if it was your prompt but you really want to write it, do it. Also, more than one person can pick the same prompt, because we all have different ideas and points of view. They are all fair game to everybody.

5. Drabbles can be any rating you choose. Just please make sure that you follow the above template for the comment subject and have the rating clearly stated so if someone doesn't want to read an NC-17 fic they don't have to.

6. Once you've written a drabble, please feel free to cross-post it to wherever you feel like cross-posting it. Just make sure that you let everyone know that it was written for our drabble-a-thon, that way we get a little bit more publicity and, hopefully, a few more watchers for the next round.

7. ANYBODY can write a drabble! Never written a fic before? Doesn't matter, you can still write a drabble. That's how easy this is.

8. Any questions or comments regarding the drabble-a-thon should be addressed in this post.

Rules/Guidelines for FEEDBACK:

1. If you read a drabble, be courteous and take a moment to let the author know your thoughts on it.

2. NO FLAMES will be tolerated in this community. There are a lot of different prompts, some for pairings that may be off-putting to one person or another, and that's perfectly fine. Just be cognisant of the subject line for the drabble and, if the pairing's not to your liking, skip over them. This is supposed to be a fun, respectful atmosphere and any flames will be deleted immediately.

3. When replying, please make sure you are replying to the comment in which the person posted their drabble and not to the actual original post. Any random floating comments will be alerted to the fact that they are floating and then will be deleted.

4. Once again and most importantly, if you've enjoyed what you've read, please take the time to tell the author. And pimping the community is always a good thing. ;)