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17 November 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Thoughtsicles back open for business and a fourth round of drabbles!  
Well kids, season four is well under way and it's time to get Thoughtsicles back in business. Remember that this is an all-encompassing 30 Rock drabble-a-thon, not just Jack and Liz, so if you've been contemplating throwing a different pair together just for the fun of it, this would be the place to experiment!

Since some time has passed after the last round, let's do a recap of the (tweaked) rules:

→ Drabbles and prompts must be 30 Rock-related only; no crossovers.

→ Please try to keep prompts limited to one word or a short phrase -- no long lyrics/etc.

→ While occasionally a drabble may turn into something more (and if so, it should be continued with a link to your LJ/fic journal), you are strongly encouraged to keep your drabble confined to one comment. That is, after all, what a drabble is, and that's where the challenge lies.

→ Rounds go as follows: prompt submissions will be open for one week before being closed, and drabble submissions will then open.

→ Drabbles will be posted by commenting on the corresponding entry (Jack/Liz, Other Pairings), and must have the following format in the comment's subject:

Title, Pairing, Prompt, Rating

→ Final rule: have fun with the prompts & drabbles! The possibilities are endless, and all four seasons are fair game.

**Please watch thoughtsicles as opposed to joining; the community is closed membership since the mod will be the only one making posts. Everyone can still participate with prompt and drabble submissions since it merely requires posting a comment to an entry, so please do not PM me asking if you can join. Thanks, and have fun prompting!**