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14 February 2009 @ 12:53 am
Round 3: Other Pairings Drabble Submissions  
Sorry for the delay; non-functioning internet for most of the day prevented me from getting these posted. Below are the prompts. Please submit your drabble as a reply to this entry.

REMEMBER: For this round, your drabble must fit into one comment and one comment only. Submissions that spill over into either another comment or a fic/personal journal will be rejected.

If you are new to the community or are just needing a refresher on how to post/respond to drabbles, please visit this post first. And remember - HAVE FUN!

Frank/Jenna - acceptance speech
Frank/Jenna - Oscars
Frank/Jenna - webcam
Frank/Lutz - dirtbag club

Grizz/Dot Com - boundaries

Jack/Bianca - marriage counseling
Jack/C.C. - birthday
Jack/C.C. - inauguration
Jack/C.C. - oranges
Jack/Dr. Spaceman - faking it
Jack/Dr. Spaceman - illness
Jack/Drew - handshake
Jack/Gavin - Liz Lemon
Jack/Gretchen - poker
Jack/Jenna - earring
Jack/Jenna - high five
Jack/Jenna - wine
Jack/Jonathan - loyalty

Kenneth/Jenna - remix
Kenneth/Jenna - thumbs up
Kenneth/Tracy - bacon
Kenneth/Tracy - cultural exchange
Kenneth/Tracy - road trip

Liz/Dr. Spaceman - artificial insemination
Liz/Drew - breakfast
Liz/Drew - dinner
Liz/Drew - fever
Liz/Drew - funny business
Liz/Drew - glasses
Liz/Drew - rohypnol dreams
Liz/Gretchen - life change
Liz/Jenna - improv
Liz/Jenna - man trouble
Liz/Jenna - Oprah
Liz/Jonathan - disapproval
Liz/Jonathan - jealousy
Liz/Kenneth - Harry Potter
Liz/Pete - approval
Liz/Pete - close encounters
Liz/Pete - hats
Liz/Stewart - second chances

Pete/Paula - affair

Tracy/Angie - Page Six
Tracy/Angie - dying
Tracy/Dr. Spaceman - pills
Tracy/Jenna - co-host
Tracy/Jenna - Emmys
Tracy/Jenna - emotional affair
Tracy/Jenna - shopping
stephen@charleneforever.com: 30 rock: liz & everybody dance now!michellek on March 19th, 2009 11:21 pm (UTC)
I'd Like to Thank, Frank/Jenna, acceptance speech, PG
Spoilers: 'Retreat to Move Forward'


Jenna, to most everyone's surprise but her own, wins a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. (Since the nominations came out, she's been telling everyone: Because it's a music-themed film, not because it's a comedy. It is not a comedy.) She brings it into work the day she returns and pretends she did so accidentally. (Oh, how did this get into my purse?)

She tells Lutz and Toofer it would've been an honor just to be nominated but, well, I wasn't just nominated, and pretends not to notice Toofer's sigh. She tells Liz that this should get her some respect around here and even if it doesn't, well, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association respects me. She goes out with Tracy on a shopping spree in honor of her win, but halfway through she finds out he thinks they're celebrating his pet shark's birthday. (She still gives two thumbs up to the outfit he's modeling at the moment of this revelation, as she truly does approve of it.) The only person she doesn't talk to is Frank, and when she does finally see him, he's wearing a hat that says: Neglected.

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" Jenna says.

"Congratulations," Frank deadpans. "You're officially as talented an actress as Madonna."

Jenna beams. "Thank you."

Frank turns away, then turns back as quickly as he can. "I can't believe you didn't thank me."

She blinks. "I just did."

"I mean in your speech. I was the one who was there for you. I was the one who thought you could pull it off--"

"You?!?" Jenna snaps. She waves the Golden Globe at him and stops herself. She must not harm the award. She puts it down on the nearby writers' table and continues, poking his chest with her finger. "You were the one who humiliated me! I almost ate a live cat because of your Wikipedia prank, you freak. My scalp was on fire because of your girlfriend or whatever she is, and I'm pretty sure my toe fungus problem could be tied back to you and your..." She waves her hands while she tries to think of the right word. "...your disgustingness. I believed in me more than you could ever believe in me, and my belief in me matters more because I don't reek of onions right now." She pauses. "Oh, gross. You're turned on now, aren't you?"

He hesitates for a moment. "You know I enjoy being yelled at."

"You're a pig."

"And I'm the only one around here who said you deserved to win. Who thinks you should win the Oscar."


"Saying this makes me feel weird, but you're a talented actress."

She throws her arms around him and crushes her lips against his. God, why is she doing this again? She won an award that she's certain is real. Adrian Grenier was hitting on her at two of the afterparties. Now she's making out with Frank.

"Don't tell anyone," Frank says. "Seriously, Katie will murder you."

"Shut up," she sighs. "Just shut up and let's do it."

Frank, to his credit, does shut up. Jenna, to her debit, goes with Frank into his office to continue what they've started.

Well. At least she's as good an actress as Madonna. That is something no one can take away from her.