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14 February 2009 @ 12:53 am
Round 3: Other Pairings Drabble Submissions  
Sorry for the delay; non-functioning internet for most of the day prevented me from getting these posted. Below are the prompts. Please submit your drabble as a reply to this entry.

REMEMBER: For this round, your drabble must fit into one comment and one comment only. Submissions that spill over into either another comment or a fic/personal journal will be rejected.

If you are new to the community or are just needing a refresher on how to post/respond to drabbles, please visit this post first. And remember - HAVE FUN!

Frank/Jenna - acceptance speech
Frank/Jenna - Oscars
Frank/Jenna - webcam
Frank/Lutz - dirtbag club

Grizz/Dot Com - boundaries

Jack/Bianca - marriage counseling
Jack/C.C. - birthday
Jack/C.C. - inauguration
Jack/C.C. - oranges
Jack/Dr. Spaceman - faking it
Jack/Dr. Spaceman - illness
Jack/Drew - handshake
Jack/Gavin - Liz Lemon
Jack/Gretchen - poker
Jack/Jenna - earring
Jack/Jenna - high five
Jack/Jenna - wine
Jack/Jonathan - loyalty

Kenneth/Jenna - remix
Kenneth/Jenna - thumbs up
Kenneth/Tracy - bacon
Kenneth/Tracy - cultural exchange
Kenneth/Tracy - road trip

Liz/Dr. Spaceman - artificial insemination
Liz/Drew - breakfast
Liz/Drew - dinner
Liz/Drew - fever
Liz/Drew - funny business
Liz/Drew - glasses
Liz/Drew - rohypnol dreams
Liz/Gretchen - life change
Liz/Jenna - improv
Liz/Jenna - man trouble
Liz/Jenna - Oprah
Liz/Jonathan - disapproval
Liz/Jonathan - jealousy
Liz/Kenneth - Harry Potter
Liz/Pete - approval
Liz/Pete - close encounters
Liz/Pete - hats
Liz/Stewart - second chances

Pete/Paula - affair

Tracy/Angie - Page Six
Tracy/Angie - dying
Tracy/Dr. Spaceman - pills
Tracy/Jenna - co-host
Tracy/Jenna - Emmys
Tracy/Jenna - emotional affair
Tracy/Jenna - shopping
stephen@charleneforever.com: 30 rock: liz/drew & head kissmichellek on February 24th, 2009 01:25 am (UTC)
Date Not Thirteen, Liz/Drew, funny business, R
Liz doesn't usually go for the all-the-way type of funny business on the fourth date but: 1) he's already seen her boob; 2) she wants him to see the good one so he doesn't give up on the whole set; 3) they've already been through a lot together, between his mother, his grandmother who he thought was his mother, his ex-wife and his daughter; & 4) there's handsomeness involved. Too much handsomeness.

(She hopes that if he is going to kill her, he does it after the sex. Assuming the sex is good. Which she is assuming because if anyone's going to be good at funny business, it should be the charming, sexy doctor, right? Though he did recently get divorced. And it seems like his former wife doesn't like him much, so maybe he's out of practice with sex.

She finds herself hoping he had a lot of affairs, which makes her feel like a bad person. And a weird person. Neither of these emotions is new.)

"Are you okay with this?" Drew asks, his hands sliding down her thighs, coming close to no longer being placed under her skirt. "We don't have to--"

"I'm okay with this," she says, putting her hand on his crotch for emphasis. She cringes. "Was that too much?"

"Not really, actually."

Liz unzips his fly and slips her hand inside, but finds no easy way to get to his stuff. "Um--"

"I wear briefs."

"Oh. Most of the men I've been with go with boxers. I haven't been with a lot of men. Barely any and I should stop talking."

"I haven't been with a lot of women, either."

"Oh," Liz says, and she can't believe she's seriously disappointed. But just because he hasn't been doing it with a bunch of different women doesn't mean he's going to be bad at this. "I don't mean oh in a bad way--"

"I was with Mandy for a while--"


"But I wasn't a virgin before I met her..." He smiles, shakes his head. "Maybe we should stop talking about this and just keep going ahead with what we were doing."

She nods. "Yes. That."

His hands are back under her skirt, moving up her thighs. He slips a hand between her legs and she gasps as his fingers press against the damp spot in her panties. After a slow, soft kiss, he pushes them to the side, index and middle fingers dipping past the outer lips of her sex. Then he's touching her and wow, that feels nice and she actually says, "Wow, that feels nice," which makes her feel lame, but his gaze is intense and his hand keeps moving and his breath is falling against her skin and. She grips onto his arm, the one that's not attached to the hand she finds herself writhing against, as she feels her body tense. Soon after that she's coming, gasping for air and closing her eyes as she throws her head back.

"Wow," she says again when she's able to look him in the eyes, and he smiles.

(She doesn't want to die, of course, but she thinks it would be okay if he killed her now. You know, as opposed to earlier.

But she suspects him killing her later would be even better.)
andie_k on February 26th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC)
Re: Date Not Thirteen, Liz/Drew, funny business, R
You're so good at writing Liz! I liked this one, very funny :)
stephen@charleneforever.com: 30 rock: jack/liz & can't believe youmichellek on February 26th, 2009 07:17 am (UTC)
Re: Date Not Thirteen, Liz/Drew, funny business, R
Thank you so much! :)