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01 February 2009 @ 08:09 pm
Round Three begins!  
February has begun and so has Round Three of the thoughtsicles drabble-a-thon! As previously mentioned in my January 15th mod post, things will be changing this round just to make it a little more challenging for both writers and prompters alike.

Firstly, prompts in this round must be one or two words. Nothing over two words will be added to the final list of prompts.

Secondly, drabbles in this round must fit into one comment. No continuations allowed this time around. If your drabble can't fit into one comment, you've got to trim it down. If I see a continuation, I'll warn the author and give them thirty minutes to repost as a one-comment drabble before deleting the other. There's a reason they're called drabbles, guys, so let's all stretch our creative muscles and see what we can come up with this time around!